Thanksgiving. This holiday could not come soon enough. This year I am thankful for community. I am not going to pretend that this Thanksgiving will somehow be a panacea to the pre- and post-election acrimony. Thanksgiving does not mean we will be insulated from family members and friends of differing viewpoints or differing political persuasions…

But Thanksgiving is that one day when we sit at the table to break bread together and consider what is most important in our lives.  In a city as diverse and dense as New York, we find comfort in our communities. That community might be just your family and immediate neighbors. Community may be your building (if you live in an apartment building). Or, community may be what makes your entire neighborhood so special. Our communities support us. They include all those people that make daily, positive impacts on our lives: our doormen, the bagel guy, the local pharmacist, the woman who shouts, “have a nice day!” from across 8th street, and that merchant who always greets you by name when you enter the store. Community is home.

I want to thank everyone who has started to consider Neighbor2Neighbor part of their community. I am very hopeful that the next year will be one of growth and meaningful productivity. I am thankful for the board of directors who have provided steady guidance and leadership, and I am thankful for the people who have been brave enough to lead a social group or participate in a committee. I am thankful for the individuals who show up at the meetings. In whatever way you have participated in N2N – and it may have just been a small donation – I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you. You are making a difference in your community – and strong communities can weather any storm because, at heart, we care for one another. Thank you, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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