(above picture is admittedly from a more recent outing to Cafe Cluny, but the joy of experiencing great local restaurants is the same)




By Linda K. Jacobs

On August 16, the N2N Dinner Group convened at a neighborhood restaurant called Rafele, on Seventh Avenue. One of the owners of the restaurant, Romeo Palmisano, lives in our neighborhood and acts as host, while his partner, Raffaele Ronca is the chef. The food is Neapolitan with a modern twist.

We took a sidewalk table because it was a beautiful night. Romeo gave us complimentary appetizers—delicious deep fried artichokes and arancini—which set the mood. I had the roasted cauliflower salad for a main course; it was delicious with black currants, pine nuts and and bread crumbs. My dinner companions had more traditional Italian entrées like seafood pasta, which they seemed to have consumed with gusto. And we each enjoyed a glass of Prosecco, a perfect accompaniment to a summer dinner.

N2N Dinner group is going strong. We now have 15 members and continue to grow. We still limit the number of diners to four, but anyone is welcome to start a second group. It just takes someone who likes to socialize and wants to get to know one’s neighbors, is willing to make a reservation and invite others, and then wants to HAVE FUN.

Start your own or join our N2N Dinner mailing list: ljacobs78@gmail.com


Ristorante Rafele: 29 Seventh Avenue South (Morton & Bedford St.). http://rafele.com/

A subsequent outing was to Cafe Cluny: 284 West 12th Street. https://www.cafecluny.com/

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