During our discussion in June with Aging Life Care Manager, Susan Birenbaum, N2N participants were interested in more information on the MedicAlert® +Alzheimers Association Safe Return® bracelet. This bracelet is specifically designed to be worn by loved ones who have dementia and are at risk of wandering, linking a call to a toll-free number with a 24-hour emergency response network. There is also a companion bracelet available for caregivers, should an emergency happen to the caregiver (that bracelet alerts emergency responders that such an individual cares for a Safe Return® member).

MedicAlert Foundation is a recognized leader in developing the emergency medical ID system. Their bracelets and pendants allow emergency providers to quickly access important medical information when the wearer is unable to communicate. There are other well-known companies that provide similar services, one of which is the more athletically-oriented Road iD. Below are links to each of those organizations.

Links (click the highlighted titles to go to the associated web page) and cost information (as of July, 2018):

MedicAlert® +Alzheimers Association Safe Return® costs $55.00/year ($90.00 for 3 years) which includes the bracelet or necklace. The caregiver subscription is $35.00/year ($90.00 for 3 years). There is also a program called MedicAlert Found for families with autistic children, and of course, the traditional MedicAlert bracelets and necklaces simply for your own piece of mind. MedicAlert has a wide range of jewelry. Prices for jewelry range from classic metal or silicone bracelets for $19.99 all the way up to 14K gold jewelry for $1,224.99.

Road iD bracelets and accessories (they have tags for pets as well) cost between $20.00 and $35.00. The yearly subscription to MyRoadID online service is $9.99/year – with the first year’s cost being discounted at $5.00. MyRoadID is a web-based service that allows first responders from anywhere in the world to access your medical information.

An example of a RoadiD bracelet. The owner’s name and date of birth are on the top line of information. A serial number and a PIN on the back allow emergency personnel to gain access to important medical and contact information from a secure online website or by using the toll-free phone number on the front.


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