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Neighbor2Neighbor is an all-volunteer, multi-generational network of people dedicated to building community and supporting seniors in our area of Greenwich Village. Our members consist of people of all ages who participate in events, volunteer, and receive assistance.


Our Events

N2N organizes a wide variety of social activities in our community which are open to everyone, but are organized around the interests of our participants. Some examples include:

  • Ongoing Groups: These groups meet around a common interest, such as the book group, movie group, or bridge group, etc. They are neighbor-led, usually meet once a month or weekly, and we are constantly looking to form new groups. We’ll help you put one together!
  • Lecture Series: We host expert lectures on topics that mean the most to you. Past topics include: estate planning, de-cluttering, travel, and Greenwich Village history.
  • Social Outings: These outings include social gatherings in the neighborhood, pot-luck dinners, attending the theater together, and attending special events around the city. These are opportunities to meet, greet, and mingle.

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Get Assistance

Neighbor4Neighbor Health Network (“N4N” for short) is N2N’s peer-to-peer volunteer network designed to assist with health-related volunteer tasks such as: escorting members to medical appointments, sharing personal experiences with disease and caregiving, making occasional check-in visits, and making personal recommendations for trusted healthcare providers.

To participate in N4N one must attend an evening of training on rules for confidentiality and setting limits. All volunteers sign an statement of understanding, and the N4N coordinator handles all requests for assistance to the group (which remain anonymous until a volunteer is matched with a request).

N4N is not a substitute for professional care, and should our participants require care beyond the scope of neighborly assistance, we can recommend Aging Life Care professionals if need be.

If you live in the Greenwich Village neighborhood and are interested in training to be an N4N volunteer, please contact us:


The seniors in our community can benefit from a wide variety of volunteer efforts, including transportation to important appointments, legal and medical consultation, technology education and support, and much more. If you’re interested in volunteering for us, please click the button below to fill out our volunteer interest survey:

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